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Why Your Pharmacist May Reformulate Your Prescription

Pharmacist compounding custom medication with mortar and pestle There are several ways that pharmacists can adjust prescribed medications to better meet the needs of individual patients. These healthcare professionals always work closely with doctors and patients to enhance the effect that drugs can have on an illness or disorder. And they can assist with any drug limitations presented by patients.

Compounding pharmacists can change, or reformulate, medicines to improve taste, alter form, and either increase or decrease the dose. In Northern New Jersey, HB Pharmacy has been compounding prescriptions as part of its products and services for over 50 years. Here, we’ll discuss this process in greater detail and how it can be beneficial.

What Is Prescription Reformulation?

Reformulation refers to the act of creating a different formulation of a specific pharmaceutical drug. When a patient has responded well to medicine given by injection, for example, a compounding pharmacist may reformulate the drug so that it can be taken through the skin, as in a patch or cream. In this way, the patient may be able to reduce the number of doctor’s appointments, or they may be more comfortable with a self-dosing regimen.

Pharmacists may also substitute ingredients to accommodate a patient allergy or aversion. Drugs can be modified to facilitate the extended release of the medication if the patient requires more efficient drug distribution throughout the day. The addition of flavor can be a way to gain greater cooperation when children must take medications.

Compounding can be especially helpful for patients with more than one illness, by considering contraindications. Pharmacists can adjust the dosage, for example, when medical practitioners prescribe doses that are in between those available with standardized drugs or to reduce side effects. And this process can be especially helpful for assisting with any symptoms of nausea or fatigue that are related to medication.

Our Most Common Compounding Drug Reformulations

At HB Pharmacy in Northern New Jersey, pharmacists work with patients and their doctors to provide customized medicines through our compounding services. We also focus on education about medications to empower our patients as they pursue health and wellness. Here are several of the most commonly requested reformulations:

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Compounding BHRT services can provide both women and men with the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. Medications that help rebalance hormone levels assist patients who experience perimenopause, menopause, and cancers. We create custom-made bioidentical hormones, according to instructions from medical professionals.

Antiparasitic Medication

Compounding Ivermectin services help treat parasitic infections in both humans and pets. These include head lice, lymphatic filariasis, trichuriasis in humans, and heartworm in dogs. Compounding can make this important antiparasitic medication available for application to the skin, as well as a drug taken by mouth.

Low Dose Naltrexone

This important medication is often used to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders. Utilizing our compounding naltrexone services, low-dose reformulations may be used to help reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia or regional pain syndrome, among other conditions.

Veterinary Medications

Compounding for pets helps make medications easier to administer. Professionals can reformulate them with flavorings to help ensure your pet willingly ingests the medication they need or create a custom preparation as ordered by a veterinarian.

The Benefits of Compounding Medications

Pharmacists can help patients and animals who experience health challenges with compounding medications. Their knowledge and skills help patients navigate side effects, accommodate individual biochemical interactions, and assist in the reduction of symptoms associated with cancer treatments. Working closely with medical and veterinary professionals, pharmacists reformulate medications for better results. Additionally, compounding pharmacies can help customize non-pharmaceutical supplements that patients use to support their wellness.

Discuss Your Medication Needs with a Pharmacist

Take care of all your medication and supplement needs at HB Pharmacy. Whether you need prescription refills or want to consult with us about exercise nutrition, we’re available for walk-ins, appointments, and phone consultations. With our expertise in compounding, we can work with your doctor to develop medications that are more effective and easier to swallow. Serving our patients and their animal companions, we offer compounding services to support better health. Contact us today.