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Understanding the Benefits of Compounding for Pets

HB Pharmacy can work with your veterinarian to make compounded medications as prescribed to meet your pet’s individualized needs.

Compounding of medications is NOT just for humans, but also for our pet companions.

Compounding is usually necessary when an animal is suffering from a medical condition and there is no FDA-approved human or veterinary product available and medically appropriate to treat the pet. The determination to use a compounded preparation is made within the communications of a veterinarian-client-patient-relationship.

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For example, if your dog needs a medication that is only available in pill form, and you are unable to administer the pill at home, your vet might prescribe having the drug compounded into a flavored liquid that your dog will take easily.

Common examples of appropriate compounding in veterinary practice are mixing two injectable drugs, preparing an oral paste or suspension from crushed tablets, or adding flavoring to a drug. One of the most common examples of compounding for animals is modifying an FDA-approved tablet or capsule into an oral suspension; for example, crushing a tablet and adding a tuna fish flavor to make it a palatable liquid.

When is compounding legal? What criteria must be met?

According the American Veterinary Medical Association, compounding is considered legal when federal and state rules are followed. Requirements include:

  • There must be an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR).
  • The patient (pet) must have a medical condition for which a prescribed medication is needed.
  • The veterinarian must determine that a compound is needed for the animal.

Learn More about Compounding MedicatiON

To learn more about compounding medication, schedule a free consultation with one of our expert pharmacists! At HB Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to helping you along your journey to better health. Our staff is dedicated to creating relationships with our customers that enable them to experience better health outcomes. We make it easy to order supplements from our online shop, including supplements specifically for animals. Alternatively, visit our location in North Arlington, NJ, call 1-201-997-2010 to speak with a compounding pharmacist today!

If we get a prescription before 1pm M-F, we generally try to have the medication shipped to you on the same day. Though we are based in New Jersey, we offer expedited shipping options for patients all around the United States.

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