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Diabetic footwear is designed specifically to address foot conditions that arise in those diagnosed with the disease. They are equipped with several unique features that distinguish them from regular shoes. HB Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy that has been providing the Northern New Jersey community with advanced pharmaceutical products and services since the 1960s. Learn more about the importance of shoes for diabetics and shop for these products today.

Diabetic patient examining their feet

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that impacts more than 37 million Americans. This disease directly affects how the body turns food into energy. Normally, the body will break down most of the food people consume into sugar (glucose) and discharge it into the bloodstream, resulting in the release of insulin.

People who suffer from diabetes are incapable of producing enough insulin, causing too much blood sugar to remain in their bloodstream. Over time, that can cause complications that affect the feet, such as:

  • Poor circulation (which may cause the skin to break down)
  • Foot ulcers
  • Numbness
  • Diabetic neuropathy

What Are Diabetic Shoes?

Because poor circulation and neuropathy reduce the nerves’ ability to heal and sense damage in the feet, the risks of wounds to the foot in a diabetic patient are particularly high. In other words, since diabetics cannot always feel discomfort in their feet, they may not address the issue and let it exacerbate. The result can be sores growing into wounds and ulcers without a patient even realizing it. These wounds can become infected and lead to more severe conditions and treatments, including amputation.

Sadly, the threat of foot concerns and amputation is all too familiar for individuals who have diabetes. However, routine foot care can help combat these concerns and positively impact the patient’s feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Diabetic shoes are an excellent option for those who suffer from the disease. They contain specific features and are designed to help alleviate the foot conditions to which diabetics are most susceptible. Special features of diabetic shoes for women and men are as follows:

  • A protective interior constructed with plush material and soft stitching that won’t protrude or cause irruption
  • Diabetic shoes feature an extra depth design that provides a pressure-free fit and can also accommodate orthotic inserts
  • Stretchable design that allows the shoes to conform to the contours of the foot and eliminates pressure points
  • Custom-fit to a patient’s feet, creating a comfortable and supportive aid
  • Non-skid soles that help decrease the threat of slips and falls
  • Equipped with special orthotic insoles that provide arch support, reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot, and offer sufficient cushioning
  • A deep toe box that provides extra room for movement and avoids putting pressure on the toes
  • Lightweight soles and cushioning that promote mobility, stability, and lower impact on the foot

Advantages of Diabetic Footwear

While the design of diabetic shoes delivers optimal comfort, there are also other benefits of choosing this accessory. Other reasons a person with diabetes may opt for these shoes include:

  • Promote better circulation to lower extremities
  • Prevent the formation of calluses
  • Encourage increased motion control
  • Reduce skin breakdown

Those comfortable using regular shoes may not see the purpose of purchasing diabetic shoes. While it’s certainly fine to continue using regular shoes, individuals with diabetes should note that these shoes are a proven method for protecting the feet against the various side effects of the disease.

Discover Diabetic Shoes at HB Pharmacy

At HB Pharmacy, the care and well-being of the patients are always the number one top priority. Our family-owned pharmacy is dedicated to continuously educating patients about their health and the ways we can assist in improving their quality of life. Patients in Northern NJ who suffer from diabetes can benefit from diabetic shoes to help eliminate complications with their feet. Contact us today to learn more about diabetic shoes for men and women, or schedule a consultation to speak with a team member directly.