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Over 50 years of caring for you and your family

Take a look “Behind the Counter”

We have a new show coming this fall called “Behind the Counter”. This show consists of candid conversations with experts on how to live longer, healthier lives in a practical way. We’ll uncover the truth about things people in healthcare won’t discuss with their patients.


A family you can trust.

Gaspar Bellitti, RPh started HB Pharmacy in North Arlington, NJ in 1964. His son, John Bellitti, RPh, runs the pharmacy today along with his son, Vince Gaspar Bellitti, NASM-CPT, WLS, Pn1.

In 2016, HB Pharmacy was named the Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year. This is a national award for independent pharmacies with over 5,000 pharmacies in contention.


We work with your physician to create medication individualized to your needs

Continuing Gaspar’s legacy

Proactive Wellness

Gaspar was a sincere and genuine practitioner. Even as a pharmacist, he preached that our patients take as little medication as possible.

To continue his legacy of proactive care, we created Gaspar’s Best®. Like Gaspar, our pharmacy brand is built on a foundation of trust and sincerity of purpose. These healthy lifestyle products and services are exclusive to HB Pharmacy.

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We specialize in YOU.

Compounding Pharmacy

Commercial medication not working? By working with your physician, we make custom medication individualized to your specific needs.

Superior Nutraceuticals

You trust your pharmacist with your medication. Why not trust us with your supplements? We offer our Gaspar’s Best® products in store and online.

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Looking to lose weight or eat healthier? We offer 100% online, customizable programs for fitness, nutrition, and healthy liestyle building.

Our Practitioners

John Bellitti, RPh

Pharmacist and Compounding Expert

James Park, PharmD, RPh

Pharmacist and Supplement Specialist

Sheldon Nguyen, PharmD, RPh


Vince Bellitti, NASM-CPT, WLS, Pn1

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach