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Functional Medicine in Northern New Jersey

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At HB Pharmacy, we value the unique healthcare needs of each patient. Following the legacy of our founder, Gaspar Bellitti, we believe patients should receive treatment while taking as little medication as possible. To fulfill our dedication to personalized care, we offer multiple functional medicine products and services to people throughout Northern New Jersey. Since 1964, our family-owned pharmacy has built a strong reputation and earned the trust of patients in the community, especially when it comes to their functional needs. 

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on finding the root cause of a patient’s ailments to provide treatment. This biological, patient-centered approach goes beyond alleviating symptoms to uncover what internal and external aspects impact their health.  Often, functional medicine shows that one condition causes the symptoms of another.

When a patient visits a functional medicine pharmacy for assistance, the healthcare provider will ask them about their medical history, lifestyle habits, environment, and other crucial factors. Then they will use this information to determine the primary causes of the symptoms. Once the provider figures out these triggers, they will create a customized healthcare plan. This plan may include nutritional advice, an exercise or sleep regimen, and techniques for managing stress.

Why Choose Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine providers do not necessarily have more skills than conventional doctors, but their biology-based and patient-focused methods can provide unique insights into treatment. Consider the following advantages of consulting with a functional medicine pharmacy:

  • Better doctor-patient relationship
  • Detail-oriented and customized care approach
  • More accurate, science-based results
  • Decreased side effects in some cases
  • Ability to treat complex heart conditions
  • Focus on overall wellness, not just treating conditions

When Is Functional Medicine Used?

The goal of functional medicine is not to replace conventional medical practices, but to enhance them. The approach offers new perspectives to diagnoses and treatment plans and can help patients navigate specific health challenges. Some of the most significant applications of functional medicine include: 

  • Alternative treatment options: Functional medicine allows patients to supplement prescription medication with non-drug treatments, such as herbal therapies and acupuncture.
  • Chronic diseases: Functional medicine is ideal for treating persistent illnesses because it searches for the root cause instead of only mitigating symptoms.
  • Personalized care: A stronger patient-doctor connection ensures each patient receives the proper treatment for their conditions.
  • More in-depth appointments: Since functional medicine providers review medical histories and lifestyle behavior, they spend more time getting to know each patient.

What Does HB Pharmacy Offer?

At HB Pharmacy, we understand the importance of functional medicine in treating health conditions. At Gaspar’s Best online shop, (named after our founder, Gaspar Bellitti, and owned by HB Pharmacy) we offer numerous exclusive products and services that stimulate healthy living in all our patients. Besides pharmacists, our team includes nutritional coaches, personal trainers, and weight loss specialists who provide a multi-faceted approach to treatment. We also offer the following consultations to guide people through their care:

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