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Compounding pharmacy in northern new jersey

At HB Pharmacy, we believe no two patients share identical healthcare needs, even if they suffer from the same condition. Our mission is to help people maintain good health and high quality of life by compounding medication for individuals throughout Northern New Jersey. This approach allows our pharmacy to help every patient navigate their health.

What is compounded medication?

Compounding medication is when a licensed pharmacist or practitioner, with a valid prescription, prepares a customized prescription to treat the specific needs of a single patient. When compounding medicine, the pharmacist typically takes the doctor’s prescription and uses select ingredients that might benefit the patient or change the delivery mechanism. This process allows the pharmacy to alter medication (delete this) and ensure the patient is treated properly.

People opt for compounded prescriptions because it offers numerous potential benefits and flexibility in delivery mechanism that conventional medicine lacks due to the way it is manufactured. For example, compounded medication can provide an effective alternative to a commercially unavailable drug or formula. It also may offer temporary replacement treatment if there is a shortage or discontinuation of a medication. Other significant benefits of compounding pharmacies include:

  • Changing dosage forms to make the medication easier to digest
  • Eliminating ingredients from a formula for individuals with allergies or sensitivities
  • Modifying medications for people that have dietary restrictions due to their religious beliefs
  • Offering more affordable prices for treatment than commercial drug therapies in some cases
  • Providing medicine or treatment options for ailments that larger pharmacies cannot access

Our Compounded Medication Process

HB Pharmacy strives to ensure our compounded medicine successfully treats the patient’s condition. When we develop a customized medication, we follow the physician’s order and adhere to strict quality standards. While we offer various treatments, we specialize in the following compounds:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women and men
  • Ketogenic-diet compliant medication for children with epilepsy
  • Low dose oral and topical pain medication
  • Medication for oral conditions such as mouth sores
  • Pet medication
  • Skin cream for scars, psoriasis, shingles, and other conditions
  • Troches (lozenges) for various conditions such as erectile dysfunction, pain management, and HRT

As every person has distinct healthcare needs, we approach compounding medication differently for each patient. We use the following techniques:

  • Adjust the form of the medication to make it easier for the patient to take
  • Customize the current dosage or strength
  • Give the drug a more appealing taste if administering to a child or pet
  • Reformulate a drug to remove nonessential ingredients that can harm the patient

We recognize that patients may have concerns about compounding medication and we are happy to answer questions about the process. Besides pharmacists, our staff includes nutritional coaches, personal trainers, and weight loss specialists. These experienced professionals can help you understand how your medications may impact other aspects of your health. Additionally, we will not encourage patients to buy our products or services unless we believe they will enhance their health or quality of life.


Learn More about Compounding MedicatiON

The dedicated team at HB Pharmacy prioritizes the patient-provider relationship by offering compounding medication. These services allow us to promote better health for individuals in the local community and beyond. We also make it simple to order supplements such as the quarantine support kit from our online store, giving patients more input in their health journey. Schedule a free consultation at our compounding pharmacy in Northern NJ today.


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