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Free CBD Dosing Consultations

Buying gas station CBD is like buying gas station sushi…you don’t do it!

Our pharmacists are trained to discuss CBD efficacy, safety, and dosing.

CBD is everywhere these days! But is it really effective? Is it right for you?

Before you buy it online or at the grocery store, have you ever asked yourself:

  • Is it safe?
  • Will this interact with my medication?
  • What’s the right dosage for me based on my condition?
  • What does the FDA say about it?

That’s where our pharmacists can help! Speak to a qualified healthcare practitioner that’s trained to look at your medication and identify if a quality CBD product can help you safely.

Please give us a call at any time at 201-997-2010 to speak with one of our pharmacists about CBD. Alternatively, stop by the HB Pharmacy at 98 Ridge Road, North Arlington, NJ 07031 during any of our open hours!

If you’re not in New Jersey, give us a call anyway! We help patients all around the United States and ship to all states where the law permits it.

Dial 1-201-997-2010 to speak with a pharmacist about CBD today.

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* Please Note: CBD is available for online purchase via PayPal. In store purchase can be made with cash or check only *