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Thyroid: Symptoms of an Overactive Thyroid

Thyroid diseases, including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer, are widespread. Hypothyroidism is a disease in which your thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones. Up to 7% of the population in the United States has hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormones, in turn, regulate metabolism. Metabolism is the conversion of food into energy within your body. This energy is utilized throughout your entire body to keep many of your bodily processes operating correctly. Consider your metabolism to be a generator that takes in raw energy and uses it to power something larger.

Thyroid diseases are generally treated with medicines like thyroid hormone replacement, surgery, and other therapies such as radiation therapy for thyroid cancer depending on the kind of illness.

Symptoms of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) can include:

  • Experiencing anxiety, irritability and nervousness.
  • Having trouble sleeping.
  • Losing weight.
  • Having an enlarged thyroid gland or a goiter.
  • Having muscle weakness and tremors.
  • Experiencing irregular menstrual periods or having your menstrual cycle stop.
  • Feeling sensitive to heat.
  • Having vision problems or eye irritation.

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can include:

  • Feeling tired (fatigue).
  • Gaining weight.
  • Experiencing forgetfulness.
  • Having frequent and heavy menstrual periods.
  • Having dry and coarse hair.
  • Having a hoarse voice.
  • Experiencing an intolerance to cold temperatures.

If you have any of the above symptoms, you should make significant dietary and lifestyle changes right away! Make sure to consume your vegetables, limit sugar intake, and get enough sleep as examples. We’ve also included a list of supplements that may support thyroid health below. However, before taking new pills or thinking you may have serious health concerns, see your doctor.

Thyroid Supplements

Dietary therapies, including supplements, have been shown in studies to assist with certain thyroid disorders. However, when it comes to thyroid health, certain supplements may be more detrimental than beneficial. Continue reading to learn about some of our top suggestions for maintaining a healthy thyroid.


Seaweed (kelp) is high in vitamins and minerals, especially iodine. Iodine is a structural component of the thyroid hormones thyroxin and triiodothyronine. Metabolism throughout the body is governed by these hormones. Today, purchase from our web site.

Ortho Molecular Reacted Zinc

Thyroid hormone production requires zinc. For healthy levels of T3, T4, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), a proper zinc level is required. Today, you may purchase from our online store at your leisure.

Iron (as Amino Acid Chelate & Gluconate)

The thyroid requires iron to transform T4 into T3, the functional form of thyroid hormone. Iron deficiency is linked to a variety of issues in the thyroid. Today, shop from our internet site and get started immediately.

For individualized guidance from an expert pharmacist and a 10% discount on your next order, schedule a free consultation now! For more health tips, check out the rest of our glossary. In the meantime, the Gaspar’s Best family wishes you and your family happiness and health.