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Hormones: How Hormones Affect Your Body

Hormones are chemical messengers manufactured in your brain that regulate many aspects of your body. Your hormones, particularly those produced by the hypothalamus, have a huge influence on your emotional state and can result in both good and terrible mood cycles. Regulating your endocrine system might significantly enhance and balance your emotional wellness and cure mood disorders.

Hormones also have a significant impact on your day-to-day activities. They control sleep cycles, heart rate, sexual function, and reproduction, among other things. Hormones affect your metabolism, hunger rates, growth and development, mood, stress levels, and body temperature regulation.

While you may have heard a lot about how hormones impact women’s performance and life, they also have an important function for men. Estrogen and progesterone are the female sex hormones, but testosterone is required for males to be their healthiest. Other hormones’ imbalances can also cause issues. Adrenal imbalance, thyroid problems, and low growth hormone levels can all lead to weight gain, mood disorders, and energy lows.

If you’re having a hormone imbalance, you may experience:

  • Fatigue.
  • Insomnia.
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss.
  • Changes in heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Increased thirst.
  • Bloating.
  • Changes in your skin, hair, or nails.
  • Skin rashes.
  • hot flashes and night sweats.

Fortunately, there are a variety of supplements that can assist your body’s natural hormone balance.

Supplements for Hormones:

Ortho Molecular CDG EstroDIM

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Ortho Molecular EstroDIM

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