Pets are as unique as their humans, which is why compounding is a great alternative to traditional medications. In cases where a commercially available medicine isn’t appropriate for your pet, your veterinarian can prescribe a compounded prescription tailored for your pet’s needs.

Veterinary compounding provides an alternative to traditional methods of giving your pet medications. Veterinary pharmacy compounding is the process of preparing customized prescriptions for pets.

Animals experience illnesses and anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows that medicating them can present unique problems, such as trying to get a cat or dog to swallow a pill. These challenges can be addressed through veterinary compounding solutions.

Why Compounding Solutions for your Pets?

Animals can be difficult to treat with medications. It can be nearly impossible to get some pets, especially cats, to swallow pills or to open their mouth for a squirt of medication. Dosages can also be tricky, what’s right for a large dog may not be right for a miniature breed.

Options such as transdermal gels,  make it possible to administer the dedication by delivering it by rubbing the gel onto the skin rather than orally.

Compounding medications are frequently used for:

  • Pets who refuse to take medication because of the taste
  • Pets who refuse to swallow pills
  • Pets with special dietary needs
  • Pets whose medications are no longer being manufactured
  • Pets requiring customized dosage strengths

Working together, the veterinarian and pharmacist can improve the health and happiness of your pet.