The ketogenic diet is one of the oldest treatments for epilepsy, especially in children with difficult-to-control seizures. It’s a special high-fat, low carbohydrate diet recommended for children whose seizures have not responded to treatment with traditional anticonvulsant medications alone.

A high level of carbohydrate intake can be correlated to the lack of seizure control and dietary modifications to reduce the intake of high carbohydrate substances is a cornerstone of the ketogenic diet. In addition to dietary changes and monitoring nutritional intake, compounded medications that conform to the ketogenic diet can be taken to increase the diet’s effectiveness in controlling seizures. They are an excellent alternative to commercially manufactured medications because they contain no sugar or sorbitol and are carb free.

A Better Way to Give Your Child Medicine

Contemporary pharmacy compounding is the process of preparing customized medications for individual patients. We formulate compound medications that fit the dietary and nutritional requirements of a ketogenic diet by using the raw chemical, rather than the commercially available drug.

Commercially available tablet and liquid forms of medication may contain lactose and other carbs which reduce the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in controlling seizures. We recommend liquid medications rather than crushing tablets and dissolving them in a liquid. Particles of the crushed tablet may not dissolve completely and there is a risk of clogging a feeding tube.

Many commercially available liquids do not clog the feeding tube, but are not sugar or carb free. The ingredients used in specially compounded liquid medicines comply with the guidelines of the ketogenic diet.

A compounding pharmacist, working closely with your child’s pediatrician can prescribe medications for:

  • Antibiotics
  • Seizure-control medications
  • Supplement suspensions
  • Over-the-counter medications
    • Cough/cold remedies
    • Fever reducers
    • Electrolyte replacement solutions

Our liquid preparations are fitted with an adapt-a-cap and syringe, making it easy for parents to administer the right dose and are available in the following flavors. These are sugar-free, carb-free alternative flavors that help to mask the bitter taste of the medicine.

  • Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Bubble Gum

* Please inquire with the Pharmacist regarding which flavors are suitable for use in the ketogenic diet treatment approach.

Specially compounded medications are an excellent way to ensure your child’s medicine is compliant with the ketogenic diet treatment approach.

Alternative to Diazepam Rectal Gel

In collaboration with other medical experts in the area of pediatric epilepsy, HB pharmacy offers benzodiazepines similar to diazepam but  made into a specially compounded nasal spray used for Cluster Seizures or Grand Mal Seizures. It is an alternative to Diazepam rectally administered gels, making it easier and less embarrassing to deliver the medication during an emergent situation.

Why HB Pharmacy & Apothecary?

Our compounding specialists have over twenty years of experience in compounding medications for epileptic children and have extensive knowledge about the ketogenic diet. We believe your child deserves individualized pediatric care and you deserve to work with a professional who understands your concerns and is available to answer questions. Personal consultations and ongoing educational events ensure you have the most comprehensive and current information.

We collaborate with top medical experts on a regular basis to bring the best possible care to your child. Our network of experts includes:

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