HB Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized care
for our clients and their families. We offer:

Individual consultations with one of our pharmacists – the team of pharmacists at HB Pharmacy is available to answer any questions you have about your medications, the results of an in-store screening as well as questions regarding health care. We take the time to get to know each person individually and provide ongoing care and consultation that is caring and confidential.

Brown bag prescription review (by appointment) – if you routinely take many different medications a brown bag check up is an important safety measure to make sure you or your loved one understands their medications and to identify any potential problems. Make an appointment with one of our pharmacists, gather up all of the medications into a “brown bag” and the pharmacist will review and double check everything you’re taking and identify any potential issues.

*Sponsored by HB Pharmacy and Clara Maass Medical Center-part of the St. Barnabas Health Care System

Flu Shots & Immunizations – we offer flu shots during the cold and flu season. Contact us at 201-997-2010 for more information about dates and costs (free for most Medicare B patients). Enjoy a worry-free flu season this year.

Medicare enrollment assistance – Lower premiums, co-pays or broader coverage on prescription medications may be available! Our Medicare specialists are available to help you:

  • Choice of top 3 Med D Plans based on prescription history
  • Free 20 minute appointment where we give u a list of the 3 best Medicare d plans
  • in addition if you want to further lower costs for a nominal can complete a plan savings eval
  • Once we found the best plan we can provide you with all the info need for you to enroll on your own, should you want us to enroll you  there again is a nominal charge
  • Savings Plan Evaluation – $10.
  • Medicare enrollment assistance – $15.00

To schedule an appointment call 201-997-2010

This service is available all year no matter when you become eligible. Open enrollment is typically  Oct 15 thru Dec 7, which is also a great time to review your existing plan.