Flu Shots

It’s impossible to predict what each new flu season will bring, but it is possible to reduce the risk getting the flu and lessening the severity of the symptoms associated it with an annual flu shot. Most seasonal flu activity typically occurs between October and May and typically peaks between December and February in the U.S.

HB Pharmacy offers Flu shots by appointment and walk in’s are also welcome.

Contact us at 201-997-2010 for more information ($30 cash price | free for most Medicare B patients).

Shingles Vaccine

If you’ve ever had chickenpox you have an increased chance of getting Shingles. Zostovax is a vaccine used to help prevent Shingles in adults 50 or older. It’s given as a single shot and the sooner you are vaccinated, the better your chances are of preventing Shingles. Talk with one of our Pharmacists for more information.

Have shingles already ?

  • Talk to our HB RPh to discuss Gaspar’s Rx only shingles gel
  • Visit our events page to learn about upcoming vaccination clinics.

Please note that vaccinations are only available for adults age 18 and and older. Please consult your pediatrician about vaccinations for your children.