About Us

Welcome to HB Pharmacy

In January of 1964, HB Pharmacy opened under the leadership of Gaspar G. Bellitti.  Gaspar was always just around the corner and always there to help.

Many may remember occasions when he stayed open late to wait for you to come from the doctor’s office or to personally deliver a prescription to your home in bad weather.  Some may remember him coming in on a holiday or in the middle of the night to fill an emergency prescription.  Others may simply recall the time he spent reassuring and advising you on a medical or personal concern.  Gaspar always felt blessed to have opened a business in the North Arlington community.  He developed personal relationships with many that more closely resembled family ties than business patrons.  These traditions of superlative care and service, instilled by Gaspar since HB Pharmacy’s inception, are the same traditions to which our customers are accustomed to today.

HB Pharmacy has seen many changes since 1964. The original pharmacy, HB Drugs, was located at 155 Ridge Road.  Gaspar’s son John, a graduate of Rutgers School of Pharmacy, took over leadership of the store in 1992. Guided by the traditions of service and care instilled in him by his father, John Bellitti has shaped HB Pharmacy into what it is today.  He expanded the store in the mid-1990’s and forged a new path in 1999 as HB Drugs returned to its pharmacy roots by opening prescription compounding lab. In January 2001, the store moved to 98 Ridge Road, providing a larger facility, expanded compounding laboratory, and a parking lot. It was also at this time that HB Drugs assumed its current name of HB Pharmacy and its subsidiary, HB Apothecary.

For over 50 years, HB Pharmacy has carried on in the traditions and service Gaspar and John have set and has been your friendly, family-owned and operated neighborhood pharmacy.  We thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you in the future.

Our Staff

These caring individuals take pride in making HB Pharmacy great.

Jorge Moran is our lead compounding technician at HB Pharmacy.